Welcome to the Nate Bot API Documentation!

The Nate Bot API aims to provides developers the ease of getting content from the internet. This API provides an easy and simple interface and take hard tasks away from developers.

Base API URL: (Returns to this page)

Please Note: The Nate Bot API request response makes use of API Buffers (for image gen and overlays). Examples on this can be found here.

API Guide

To simply use one of these APIs, refer to the We strongly recommend that you use a JSON Formatter to view the endpoint in a easier but prettier format!

Rate limits

Please be aware that this API has Rate limits in place to prevent abuse. All requests are subject to per user, 5 requests per second rate limit with allowed bursts up to 2 requests within 100 milliseconds. Sustained requests that exceed global rate limit will be denied with the 429 Too Many Requests Status Error.