Commands Guide

A simple guide on how to use the Help System with Nate Bot.

Looks like you did come here because you are having trouble getting started with Nate Bot? Well we are always here to help! This simple guide will help you get started with the Help Command. Basically, all you need to do is run n!help then you are greeted with this embed:

After that, to choose a category and find the right commands that you want to use. You can run either the following: (Copy and paste the Command in Code Block in Discord!)

n!help essential » Basic Nate Bot Command Usage n!help economy » Everything Money, Levels, Reputation, Profiles etc. n!help roleplay » Give some love to someone, view any random image of anything and use Generators n!help music » Play some beats with YouTube links! n!help games » Play games to earn Money and Stats n!help admin » Used to help with your server. For this guide, we will be using n!help economy as an example. After running the sub command, you will be then greeted with this embed:

From there, you can run the respective command that you like!