Economy Category

Here are all the available Economy Commands, mainly used for viewing Economy Stats, Profile and levels! To get to this guide, please run n!help economy for these commands.

n!profile <user> - View your Global Nate Bot Profile with Gained Stats. Customisable with Background, Info Box and Nickname etc. n!level <user> - View your Global Nate Bot Level Card with Customisable Background n!store - View the available purchasable items with Nate Bot Coins n!badges - View the Nate Bot Badges store available for purchase n!background - Sends the Backgrounds Store Embed. n!profilebg <image link> - Set the custom Nate Bot Profile Background with an Image Link $12,000 Charge to Change Background n!levelcard <image link> - Set the custom Nate Bot Level Card Background with an Image link $8000 Charge to Change Background n!levelstats - Checks your Level Stats in a simplified form n!crate - Opens a Crate and see what you win (DISABLED) n!cratecount - Checks how many crates you have left (DISABLED) n!stats <user> - Checks your global Nate Bot Statistics earned from Games, Money, Reps etc n!setinfo <sentence> - Changes the "A random person..." Description to what you decide to set in your profile 116 Word Limit n!nickname <word> - Changes the "Nate Bot User" Tagline to what you decide to set in your profile $150 Charge » 16 Word Limit n!balance - Checks your Nate Bot Coins Balance n!slots <number> - Gamble with slots with an amount and see if you won or not n!daily - Claim your Daily Coins and Crate every 24 Hours n!buy <role name> - Buy the role that is listed on the Store and added on the Server n!weekly - Claim your Daily Coins and 2 Crates every 7 Days n!rep <user> - Give a rep point to a user Every 14 Hours n!repcount - Checks your current Rep Count n!purchases <user> - Sends an Embed to check what the User has Purchased with Nate Bot Coins n!beg - Beg Nate Bot to give Nate Bot Coins n!messages - Checks how many Global Messages you sent n!achievements <user> - Checks the current User's Achievements n!gamble <number> - Gamble with your money and see if you win or lose

Do not Spam Any of the Economy Commands Here (Even with Cooldowns). This will result in a Ban from using the Bot! Rules are listed here along with how to appeal a ban.

Your Profile and Level Commands can be customised.

The commands to do so is: n!background changes the background for your Profile n!levelcard changes the background for your Level Card n!setinfo <sentence> changes the "A random person..." on your Profile for free n!nickname <word>changes the "Nate Bot User" Wordmark on your Profile There are more ways to customise with pre-made backgrounds and Badges. Please see this website for more information.

You can use User ID's (Copy ID from Discord User) to get someones Profile, Level Card and Stats

n!buy <role name> is for buying roles if the server has set the roles listed on the Store command.

Badge designs are subject to change anytime. Please see this guide about badges.

Daily, Weekly and Rep have cooldowns, be sure to Rep and claim your rewards at the right times!

Stats that are gained from some of these commands will be displayed on your Profile, Level and Stat commands and are updated every second.

You can also view the Store Items on the Nate Bot Store Website here.

Purchases made prior to the 6.5 Update are not recorded. You must run certain Economy Commands such as Badge purchasing, Background, Nickname etc. for the purchases to appear.