Essential Category

Here are all the available Essential Commands, mainly used for Basic Usage! To get to this guide, please run n!help essential for these commands.

n!ping - Checks the current Bot Latency Status n!avatar - Grabs a full sized version of your Discord Profile Picture n!about - Information about Nate Bot and its Current Version n!serverinfo - Grabs Information about your Discord Server n!userinfo - Grabs Discord User Information of a User n!roleinfo - Grabs the Role Information on the server n!channelinfo - Grabs the Channel Information on the server n!poll - Brings the Poll Help where you can make Polls for your server (Thumbs or Multiple Choice) n!afk - Suppresses Notifications from the User in the Server Only n!botstats - Grabs the current Bot Statistics of Nate Bot n!weather <location> - Checks the current Weather of a place specified n!google - Search anything with Google n!serveremoji - Checks the emojis on the server n!permissions <user> - Checks the current Server permissions you have n!memberstatus - Shows information about members on the server. n!discrim <number> - Searches for users with the specified discrim n!rolelist - Returns a list of Roles on the server n!vote - Vote NateBot on Top.GG!

Do not Spam Any of the Essential Commands Here (Even with Cooldowns). This will result in a Ban from using the Bot! Rules are listed here along with how to appeal a ban.

You can use User ID's (Copy ID from Discord User) to get someones Avatar, HypeSquad Avatar, User Info etc.

Weather_C means Celsius and Weather_F means Fahrenheit

For the Calculate Command, please use this website for information about Equations and Operations.