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Here are all the available Music Commands, mainly used for playing Games! To get to this guide, please run n!help games for these commands.

n!osu <username> - Looks up the User's osu! stats n!fortnite - Looks up the User's Fortnite stats n!mcface <minecraft java username> - Grabs the Minecraft: Java Edition User's Skin Face n!mcachievement <word> - Places the specified word in a Minecraft Achievement Banner n!8ball <question> - Ask the 8Ball a question then gives an answer n!bulktext <word> - Places the specified word in big Lettering (ASCII) n!coinflip - Flip the coin and will give either Heads or Tails n!quiz - Sends a random question in which you have to answer within 30 seconds n!roast - Sends a random Roast Message n!joke - Sends a random Joke Message n!dadjoke - Sends a random Dad Joke Message n!snipe - Snipes the deleted message of a user before they deleted it! n!editsnipe - Snipes the "before" edited message of a user before they edited it! n!rate - Rate anything out of 100! n!classicquiz - Sends a random question in which you have to answer within 30 seconds n!diceroll - Gives a dice roll between 1-6 n!pokedex <word> - Guess the Pokemon for $40 reward n!meme - Sends a random meme image. n!animesearch <word> - Searches up an anime from MAL. n!mcserver <java server ip> - Checks the current Minecraft server status n!roulette <black, red or green> <number> - Choose a colour and number and see if you win or not. n!draw <5-100> - Draw anything with Nate Bot (See info box below) n!rps - See if you win/lose with RPS n!luckynumber - Sends in your random lucky number n!fish - Fish for random money rewards (See info box below) n!fishhelp - Sends a Guide on Fish Rewards n!blackjack <number> - Gamble with your playing card decks and see if you win or lose n!connect4 <user | bot> - Play against a user or the bot and try and win n!hangman - Try and guess the word, you have 6 lives n!life - See if you survived or died n!pokemon - Guess the Pokemon for $40 reward n!tictactoe <user> - Play TicTacToe against the user n!minesweeper - Decide a Grid Spot very carefully or else the bombs will go off! n!lessons - Practice your knowledge with Quizzes n!numberguess - Try and guess the correct number with 4 different Difficulties! n!creatememe - Creates a meme of your choice n!pun - Sends a random pun message n!aesthetic <text> - A E S T H E T I C n!clapify <text> - Adds Clapping emojis to the text n!flip - Flips the text backwards n!owoify <text> - Turns the text to OwO style n!aesthetic <text> - A E S T H E T I C n!tableflip <text> - Flips da Table n!chucknorris - Like Chuck Norris, no worries mate! n!leaderboard - Sends a Guide on How to View Nate Bot Leaderboards

Do not Spam the Game Commands listed here (Even with Cooldowns). This will result in a Ban from using the Bot! Rules are listed here along with how to appeal a ban. The following commands are not part of these rules:

  • Pokemon Quiz

  • Quiz

  • Hangman

  • Connect 4

  • TicTacToe

This is due to the commands sending repeated amount of messages. However spamming these with cooldowns will result in a ban

Stats that are gained from some of these commands will be displayed on your Profile, Level and Stat commands.

When running one of these leaderboard commands. You will be given a Top 10 overall list of the Top 10 Users for that Leaderboard: Money Leaderboard »n!coinsldb Rep Leaderboard »n!repldb Message Leaderboard »n!messageldb Quiz Leaderboard » n!quizldb Pokémon Leaderboard » n!pokemonldb Fish Leaderboard » n!fishldb Bubble Pop Leaderboard » n!bubbleldb Balloon Pop Leaderboard » n!balloonldb Blackjack Leaderboard » n!blackjackldb Connect 4 Leaderboard » n!connect4 Slots Leaderboard » n!slotsldb TicTacToe Leaderboard » n!tictacldb Roulette Leaderboard » n!rouletteldb

There are Cooldowns set for some of these commands. This is to prevent Spam and unauthorized usage on them.

Gaining fish rewards are random. This means that it ranges from the following outcomes: 📎🛒🔧🐌🔋🐚🥾Junk Category || max: $18, min: $1

🍪🐡🐟🐠Common Category || max: $25, min: $10

🦐🦑Uncommon Category || max: $25, min: $8

🐙🦀Rare Category || max: $80, min: $18

🐳🐬🦈Legendary Category || max: $300, min: $76 You can also access this Fish Help Menu by running n!fishhelp

All Fish Rewards are random and Range from Maximum to Minimum

To learn more about the Draw command. Please see this guide.

Only the user who ran the Quiz and Pokemon Commands can only answer them.