Roleplay Category

Here are all the available Roleplay Commands, mainly used for Role Play! To get to this guide, please run n!help roleplay for these commands.

Love Commands

n!lovestats <user> - Checks your global Nate Bot Love Statistics earned from any of these commands n!miyano - Sends a random image from the Miyano Anime Series n!hug <user> - Hug the user n!nom - Sends a random nom image n!kiss <user> - Kiss the user n!animal - Sends a random Animal image n!pat <user> - Pat the user n!slap <user> - Slap the user n!marry <user> - Marry a user or if you are received a marriage request, type yes or no to decide n!divorce <user> - Divorce the Married user, this will bring up a confirmation message where you need to type yes or no to decide n!wife <user> - Checks the marriage status of a user n!relationship <user> - View your Relationship Card with Custom Card. n!marriagebg <image link> - Set the custom Relationship Card Background with an Image Link $10,000 Charge to Change Background n!pikachu - Sends a random Pikachu image n!cuddle <user> - Cuddle the user n!wink <user> - Wink at the user n!dog - Sends a random Dog image n!cat - Sends a random Cat image n!woof <user> - Woof at the user n!meow <user> - Meow at the user n!bunny - Sends a random Bunny Rabbit image n!tickle <user> - Tickle the user n!cry - Sends a random Crying image n!poke <user> - Poke the user n!flower <user> - Give a flower to the user n!blush - Sends a random Blushing/Smug image n!handhold <user> - Hold the user's Hand n!rawr <user> - Rawr the user n!owo - Sends random OWO Images n!koala - Sends a random Koala image n!userrate <user> - Rate the mentioned user n!beer <user> - Give the User Beer n!cookie <user> - Give the User a Cookie n!fruit <user> - Give the User a Tasty Piece of Fruit n!lick <user> - Lick at the user n!lovecalc <user> <user> - Calculate Love Between Two Users n!throw <user> - Throw something at the User n!bite <user> - Bite the User n!wave <user> - Wave at the User n!stare <user> - Stare at the User n!highfive <user> - High Give The Server n!02 - Sends a random Zero Two image from Darling in the FranXX n!birb - Sends a random Bird Image n!birbfact - Sends a random Bird Fact n!catfact - Sends a random Cat Fact n!dogfact - Sends a random Dog Fact n!duck - Sends a random Duck Image n!fox - Sends a random Fox Image n!foxfact - Sends a random Fox Fact n!geofact - Sends a random Geography Fact n!koalafact - Sends a random Koala Fact n!dance - Sends a random Dancing Image n!shrug - Sends a random Shrug Image n!sleepy - Sends a random Sleepy Image n!thumbs - Sends a random Thumbs Up Image n!triggered - Sends a random Smiling Image n!grin - Sends a random Grinning Image n!think - Sends a random Thonking Image n!wag - Sends a random Tail Wag Image n!pout - Sends a random Pout Image n!teehee - Sends a random TeeHee Image n!animeicon - Sends a random Anime Icon Image n!feed <user> - Feed the user n!nuzzle <user> - Nuzzles at the user n!simpleship <user> <user> - Feed the user n!paws <user> - Puts the paw at the user n!neko - Sends a random Neko (Not Lewd) Image n!gabriel - Sends a random Gabriel Image n!smug - Sends a random Smug Image


n!ship <user> <user> n!3000years <user> n!amia <user> n!awooify <user> n!bad <user> n!baguette <user> n!batslap <user> n!beautiful <user> n!bluravatar <user> n!captcha <user> n!challenger <user> n!clyde <word> n!fireavatar <user> n!graphiteavatar <user> n!hypesquad <user> n!invertavatar <user> n!iphone <user> n!mcachievement <word> n!pixelavatar <user> n!salty <user> n!supreme <word> n!thuglife <user> n!tobecontinued <image link> n!tweet <sentence> n!wanted <user> n!whowouldwin <user> n!worthless <user> n!blurpify <user> n!deepfry <user> n!magik <1-10> <user> n!respect <user> n!trumptweet <text> n!sepia <user> n!bobross <user> n!dexter <user> n!lisapresentation <sentence> n!triggered <user> n!jokeoverhead <user>

Do not Spam Any of the Commands Here (Even with Cooldowns). This will result in a Ban from using the Bot! Rules are listed here along with how to appeal a ban.

When you accept Someone's Marriage Request with the Marry Command, it will appear on your Profile and it will be there until you Divorce.

You can copy the User ID of a Discord User by Right Clicking and then pasting it when you run n!lovestats <user>. This is handy if you want to view the statistics of another user without mentioning them.