Music Category

Here are all the available Music Commands, mainly used for listening to music! To get to this guide, please run n!help music for these commands.

n!play <youtube video link/playlist | word> - Play anything you like which plays in Voice Channel n!pause - Pauses the song playing in Voice Channel n!resume - Resumes the song playing in Voice Channel n!join - Summons the Bot to the Voice Channel n!shuffle - Shuffles the songs in the queue to different order (Must have 3 or more songs) n!lyrics <song name> - Looks up the Lyrics of a song n!skip - Skips the currently played song n!np - Checks the current song played and its progress n!repeat - Repeats the current song or queue n!queue - Checks the current queue of the songs added n!stop - Disconnects and ends the Music session n!spotify <user> - Checks the currently played song in Spotify.

Do not Spam Any of the Music Commands Here (Even with Cooldowns). This will result in a Ban from using the Bot! Rules are listed here along with how to appeal a ban.

The play command is considered sending a series of messages as that is playing music that is listed on the Queue command.

The Music Commands will only play YouTube Links.

The repeat command will only repeat what is in the queue.

You can add playlists to the queue by adding the YouTube playlist link to n!play.