Utility Category

Here are all the available Utility Commands, mainly used for Server Improvement and usefulness Usage! To get to this guide, please run n!help utility for these commands.


n!avatar - Grabs a full sized version of your Discord Profile Picture n!botprefix - Grabs a full sized version of your Discord Profile Picture


n!discrim <number> - Show a list of all users with the specified Discriminator n!splashimg - Grabs the Splash Image (The image shown on Clicking an Server invite link in a new window) of the server. n!servericon - Grabs a full sized version of the Server Icon


n!poll - Start either a Multiple Choice or Thumbs Up/Down/Shrug Poll n!translate <language code> <text> - Translate any text to another language n!weather <location> - Get information about a place's weather forecast n!remind <time> <reason> - Set a reminder for something either important, fun or otherwise, whatever. n!giveaway <winners> <duration> <prize> - Start a giveaway for a prize. (Note: Giveaways are still in Public Beta)

Do not Spam Any of the Commands Here (Even with Cooldowns). This will result in a Ban from using the Bot! Rules are listed here along with how to appeal a ban.

You can use User ID's (Copy ID from Discord User) to get someones Avatar, HypeSquad Avatar, User Info etc.