Why was I banned?
A ban stops you from using Nate Bot for some period of time, sometimes even permanently. They are used to deal with users who are adversely affecting the Nate Bot experience.
When you have been banned, you will receive the reason and duration after each attempt to run a command and you will also be sent a message to your private DM.
All bans are backed up by evidence, often in a Message link or recorded format. If you feel the ban was a misunderstanding, then please appeal using this form.
Once you submit an appeal, you must wait for a response by a staff member from the NTM Central Discord Server. If we cannot reach you by DM, you must wait until the ban expires.
Our staff are not able to help with punishment information. This is staff information and we will only respond to appeals that are done on the form by the punished user themselves or their parent/guardian.
We will not tell anyone why, and how long, your friend was banned. If they wish to share that information, that is discreetly their decision.
Messaging any staff or developer other than using the correct method will not get you unbanned.
Our Staff Members are always doing their best.
We do not tolerate any form of abuse and/or rudeness to any of the staff. They are trying their best to improve Nate Bot. These sorts of behaviors are not acceptable.
Demanding for an Unban and/or treating staff with disrespect may result in an increased punishment length. Be patient, respectful and follow the rules and appeal methods.
Last modified 5mo ago
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