Statistics Explained

Nate Bot features two main variants of Statistics; Economy Stats are for Games and Economy and the Love Stats are for the Roleplay System. These are custom designed to make the most out of Nate Bot. That is everytime you win a game, get loved by someone, they are tracked and added to your account.

To access your stats, you can run the following commands:

  • n!stats <user> - View your Economy and Game Stats you earned from using the Economy, Games or Clans Categories.

  • n!lovestats <user> - View your Love Stats you earned from using the Roleplay Category.

  • n!purchases <user> - View all the items you bought from the Nate Bot Economy Store.

  • n!collection <user> - This will let you view your Achievements and Purchased Power Ups.

There are many other ways you can view your stats. It can be by running minor commands like n!balance, n!profile or even you can view your stats online!

But how are statistics exactly tracked?

Stats are tracked if you win a game, getting loved by someone or by doing something awesome like joining a clan!

This is what your regular User Statistics looks like:

You can view your stats with n!stats <user>

On the Economy Field:

  • Your Wallet and Vault reflects on the Currency System. The Wallet is always vulnerable from robbing, so make sure you put most or if all, your wallet balance into your Vault!

  • Rep refers to the reputation you earn from users. There is a cooldown of 14 Hours.

  • Commands Run tracks the number of commands you have run on Nate Bot

  • Clan represents the clan you are currently in.

  • You gain a Level every time you reach certain XP criteria each level.

On the Fishing Field:

  • The Fish Rarity denotes the rarity of the fish you caught. The lower, the less money you earn and the higher, the more money you earn. Thus making it harder to earn.

  • Fishes Caught shows the total amount of fish you have caught.

  • Fish Streak represents the amount of times you have run the Fish command successfully without triggering the cooldown.

On the Games Field:

  • Stats such as Quiz (Questions Answered), Pokémons Guessed, Fishes Caught, and the rest are earned by 1 point if you win.

  • Cookie Clicker stats are tracked when a user clicks the cookie reaction. These are not shown visually in real time properly but are added to the database in real time.

  • Type Racer is tracked as your Personal Best. The time is in seconds and on the right is the difficulty the time was achieved on.

You can boost your stats by buying power ups to double your points. Leaderboards can be viewed with the n!leaderboardcommand. Find out how!

This is what your Roleplay Stats look like:

You can view your stats with n!lovestats <user>


  • Hugs, Kisses and Pokes are only obtained if someone does hug, kiss and poke you etc. On the other hand, The "Given" represents the number of times you have given hugs, kisses and pokes to another user.

  • The "Waifu" is who you are married to, along with the date you were exactly married at. (Its a shortened version so you can view the full date with n!marriage)

Originally, there was the "Hugged by", "Kissed by". These have been removed from the actual command. It is still being tracked so you can view those on your statistics page on the website!