Customising your Economy Profile and Level Commands

Customising your Nate Bot Profile and Level Card is absolutely simple! You will need to simply run one of these commands but however, it costs Nate Bot money to change certain aspects of your Profile and Level Card.

n!profilebg <image link> changes the background for your Profile n!levelcard <image link> changes the background for your Level Card n!setinfo <sentence> changes the "A random person..." on your Profile for free n!nickname <word>changes the "Nate Bot User" Wordmark on your Profile

You can also add badges to your Nate Bot profile by running n!badges. There you will be given a Store of Badges. These range from Default Badges to Weekly Badges that are changed anytime.

Badges are completely cosmetic. Meaning that they are valuable (especially Weekly Ones!) and purely show how awesome you are!

If you want to buy a badge, you must run n!badges buy <slot1-6> . The number represents the slot so you can have up to 6 badges!

Here is what the Badges Store looks like: