What are Power-Ups?

Power-Ups are a cool way of Upgrading your Nate Bot Experience. This is such as earning more Level XP, Giving Reps and more! All your Power-Up Stats along with a cool badge is shown on n!profile. This means that these power-ups are active and they can be sold for half the amount they were purchased for when you purchase them.

To buy a Power-Up. Visit the Nate Bot Store and run one of these commands above. From there, you will be given a purchase confirmation message which you must specify "Yes" or "No". Specifying "Yes" will grant the purchase and power-up will be active.

Selling a Power-Up is simple. You will need to replace the "buy" with "sell" when running of the commands above. Once the sell function gets executed. A selling confirmation message will be sent and you must specify "Yes" or "No". Specifying "Yes" will have the Power-Up sold and you will lose the badge/stat on your Profile and Purchases command. Of course the Power-Up will be removed and standard stats will be awarded.

  • Double (x2) XP Will give you Double the amount of XP for your Level. This is calculated in a 0-50 XP Per Message with a 1 Minute Cooldown

  • Double (x2) Fish will let you catch 2 fish instead of 1

  • Double (x2) Pokemon Points will let you earn 2 points instead of 1

  • Double (x2) Quiz Points will let you earn 2 points instead of 1

  • Triple (x3) Reps will let you give 3 Rep Points to Users instead of 1