How do I manage my badges?

Buying Badges

To buy badges, we are going to need to run the n!store command and choose the Badges option in the dropdown.
Then another embed will send asking you to pick a category... In this example, we are selecting the Anime category.
Now that we selected a Badges category, we can now pick a badge to purchase and you can preview them by clicking on the blue masked links which opens the badge image in a new tab. You can also hover over the names to see the ID (which will be used for applying/removing badges in the next section.
In the dropdown, there is a ✅ and ❌. These mean if you have enough wallet balance to purchase a badge. However, if you already own a badge and selecting that badge it will return an error message that you own it.
Once you make your selecting, the purchase will process and then the badge will be available in your badges inventory.

Managing your Badges

To manage your badges, just run the n!badges command to get a list of subcommands that can be used to manage your badges.
To place a badge, you may need to run the place subcommand, follow by the slot and the ID or name of the badge. Then it will place and

Viewing Badges

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