How do I manage my cosmetics?
There are several commands that are part of the Economy Category which let you manage your cosmetics!

Viewing your Cosmetics

To view all your cosmetics, you can run the n!cosmetics command.

Viewing Profiles

The profile command is a visual representation of the cosmetics command which is complete with your avatar, rank, special badges, economy badges and a background! You can view your or other user's profile by running n!profile <@user or id>.
As of the Version 10 Update, the following can no longer be done:
  • Setting Custom and Purchased Backgrounds. By default, a random profile background will show so if you want to have a custom background, you'll have to login to the Nate Bot Dashboard* or run the resync* command to fetch your Discord Profile Banner (Requires Nitro) and Accent Color. Run the n!newfeatures to learn more.
  • Setting a Profile Overlay. While overlays still exist, you have to set a color with the setcolor command in order for the overlay to show.
* means not supported yet.

About Me

This appears on the bottom of your profile card and you set it withn!setinfo <text>. There can only be up to 116 characters with no profanity.


This appears underneath your Discord Username and you set it with n!nickname <name>. There can only be up to 16 characters with no profanity, also it's a $450 fee to change it...


This appears next to your nickname and is changeable with n!setlocation <country code>. By default it is Antarctica and the country code must be a ISO 3166 Alpha 2 format. See this website to find all the valid country codes.


This appears on the side of the embed and as your profile overlay and you set it with the n!setcolor <color hex>. You must provide a hex without the hashtag (#) and it is a $600 fee to change it...


This appears on your profile and on the n!birthday command, it can be set with n!setbirthday <MM/DD/YYY>.
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