What games are offered?
  • Quiz - A random question is chosen and you must pick the correct answer. There are 4 possible answers. If you answer correctly, you will earn $40 and a stat point.
  • Pokémon - A random Pokémon is chosen and you will need to guess the correct name. Guessing it correctly will give you $40 and a stat point.
  • Hangman - A random word is chosen and you must complete the word in 6 attempts by guessing the letters. If you complete the word, you will earn $100 and a stat point, otherwise. It is game over!
  • Fishing - You will catch a fish, earn a stat and money based on the rarity. See Fishing Rewards here.
  • GunFight - Duel against another user and see who wins the fight. You must type the provided word as fast as you can to claim the victory royale.
  • Roulette - Bet some cash and then Pick Red, Black or Green to see the outcome!
  • Type Racer - Type the provided word as fast as you can.
  • Memory - Try to memorise a set amount of words and type them all on time!
  • Blackjack - Try your luck at winning some extra money!
  • TicTacToe - Play against another user and try to get a 3 cross or straight line to win!
  • Connect4 - Play against another user in Connect 4 and try to get 4 colours in a straight or diagonal line.
  • Slots - Gamble some money on the Slots and try and win something!
  • Number Guess - Try and guess the correct number!
  • Jumble - Try to un-jumble the word as fast as you can...
  • RPS - Pick a reaction (Rock, Paper, Scissors) and see what the bot picked!
  • Select Me - Choose the correct option in the select menu within 6 seconds!
  • Battle - Fight a user and unleash your power with a variety of options to use.
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