Can I reset my Nate Bot Statistics?

To reset your Nate Bot Statistics (Balance, Reps, Game Stats etc.) you must file a GDPR deletion request email to detailing the following information:

  • Discord User with Tag

  • Discord User ID (Copy ID from User)

  • Email Address

  • Reason of deleting stats

Depending on the situation of this, the request you make to reset your stats may be declined. However if we do accept your request. You will be invited to a private server where we will reset all your stats and default them. If you would like your stats restored after we reset all your stats, this action is unavailable. The choice you make to have your stats reset is final and we will not be restoring your stats. Please Note: We cannot reset the following stats and data currently

  • Love Stats

  • Profile About Info Box

  • Profile Nickname

  • Other Data we specify.