Can I reset my Statistics?

Yes, you can request for a statistics reset. Do not message staff members or Developers on Discord to have your statistics reset. Follow the correct methods shown below.

Marriage or Friends Reset

In an event that your marriage or friends seems to have issues. You can request a marriage/friend reset in the #support channel on our Discord Server.

We will instantly deny requests which ask for other user statistics resetted on your behalf.

Overall Statistics Reset

This requires a GDPR deletion request sent to detailing the following information:

  • Discord Tag

  • Discord ID (Copy ID from User by right clicking)

  • Email Address

  • Reason for deleting stats

When requesting for an overall Statistics Reset, you are giving us permission to wipe all your statistics everywhere on Nate Bot. IT DOES NOT APPLY TO SPECIFIC CATEGORIES.

We are expecting serious and legitimate requests. Requests that specify that your stats are "terrible", you getting bullied etc. will not be accepted. The process should take a minimal of a week, be patient.

Once your stats have been wiped, there is no turning back and you cannot restore them. We do not fully support data retention yet. The decision have your stats reset is final and we cannot undo it for you.