Can I reset my Statistics?

Marriage and Clans Reset

Perhaps, you are having trouble with marrying/divorcing a user or wanting to delete a clan? To reset your Marriage or Clan Data. You must notify us in the #support channel on our Discord Server. You may privately message NTM Nathan#0001 or RyansHDs#4461 in the Discord DMs but please be patient, as they are often busy developing and working on awesome things for people to enjoy.

If you are going to request another user's statistics on your behalf. You must have proof and permission from the user, an example of this is if they have lost access to their Discord Account.

Intentionally asking us to reset other users stats in an unfair way (I.e resetting another user's marriage stats so you can marry them) is not allowed and will get you banned from using the bot if caught.

Overall Statistics Reset

To reset your Nate Bot Statistics (Economy, Games, Roleplay Stats etc.) you must file a GDPR deletion request email to detailing the following information:

  • Discord Tag

  • Discord ID (Copy ID from User)

  • Email Address

  • Reason for deleting stats

When requesting for an overall Statistics Reset, you are giving us permission to wipe all your statistics everywhere on Nate Bot. IT DOES NOT APPLY TO SPECIFIC CATEGORIES.

Depending on the situation of this, the request you make to reset your stats may be declined. However if we do accept your request. Expect the process to take up to a week.

Once your stats have been wiped, there is no turning back and You cannot restore them. The decision have your stats reset is final and we cannot undo it for you.