Welcome to the official Nate Bot Support Website. Here you can find support articles regarding Nate Bot ranging from general information, FAQs and everything you need to know!

Where are the list of Commands?

You can run n!help for the full list of commands. To get specific help on a command, run n!help <cmd> <name>

Is Nate Bot affiliated with any other third party service?

No. The bot is not affiliated with any third party service (i.e HiveMC, Paroxity).

Is there a way to change my profile background?

With Discord Introducing new ways to customise your profile, we are phasing out parts of our old economy system and replacing it with Discord fetched data. You can run the n!newfeatures command to learn more.

How do I earn Bot Currency?

You can earn currency by doing some of the most awesome things:
  • Fishing every minute will vary in earning currency
  • Winning games such as Hangman, Connect 4, Horse Race etc.
  • Redeeming your Daily and/or Weekly Rewards!
  • Perhaps, through Begging?
  • Be evil and rob?!?!?
  • Many other ways!

Am I allowed to use Alt Accounts on Nate Bot?

Alts are defined as users having 2 or more accounts to use on Discord, Minecraft or other services. Some services do allow users to use alt accounts while some don't allow them. Discord doesn't allow users to use Alt Accounts if their main account was banned. On Nate Bot, you are not allowed to use Alts. If caught, your alt account will be permanently banned.

How do I modify my profile details?

  • n!setinfo <sentence> will modify your About Me box.
  • n!setnick <nickname> will modify your nickname which is underneath your username.
  • n!setcolor <hex> will modify the embed color, overlay and other parts of your profile.
  • n!setlocation <value> will set a country. Defaults to Antarctica.
  • n!setbirthday <MM/DD/YYYY> will set your birthday.

Can I spam commands?

No, don't. This is due to Nate Bot being constantly monitored by the owner, staff and Developers on every command usage and feature. There may be outcomes if any command or feature gets abused.

You must follow the rules listed here and if you were banned for breaking the rules. You must then follow this guide on how to appeal.
If you do have any questions on how we deal with these situations. You may send a support ticket to [email protected] detailing your question.

How can I change the prefix?

If you do have the "Manage Server" permission on the server then changing the prefix is easy as, all you need to do is run n!prefix <set|reset> <symbol> and the prefix will be changed for that server only. Mentioning Nate Bot will also give you the prefix.

The default prefix is: n!

You may only have a prefix that is as long as 3 characters.

Can I apply for Bot Staff?

No. We've deprecated the Nate Bot Staff System. Pretty much the whole staff system is composed of the developers.

I saw a Partners page on the Nate Bot Website. Can I apply for partnership?

Yes and No. There is certain criteria for partnership.

Do you have a source code link?

Nate Bot runs on code that is completely custom and designed in house, therefore the source code is closed.

Nate Bot has a lot of features that many popular bots have but why the small server count?

While we don't really mind or care about other Bot Server counts, the features it has and everything else, we do care about having Nate Bot be a bot for everyone to enjoy! That is bringing in the best features, commands and updates. We are a small team working hard and maintaining the bot.
If you would like to donate, or join NTM Development. You can follow these links below:
We absolutely appreciate every bit of support. By donating, you are supporting the development of Nate Bot and in return, you get rewarded with awesome perks.
If any question below doesn't answer your question. You are most welcome to join our Hangout Server to get additional support regarding Nate Bot.
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