How can I become Bot Staff?

Our staff team is actively expanding and changing. It is a volunteer based job and the staff spend as much free time as possible.

The following below are the official Nate Bot Staff Ranks:

Bot Staff - These are a small group of Staff that moderate the Nate Bot experience. They handle all the punishments, deal with reports and other moderation matters. They will have a "Staff" Badge on their Profile and "Nate Bot Staff" role on the Support Server. You can message these people for any help needed with Nate Bot

Bot Helpers - These are active Nate Bot users who are able to help users with Nate Bot. If all, are knowledgeable, mature and helpful. They're constantly kept in the loop about updates and things to look out for. They will have a "Nate Bot Helper" badge on their Profile and "Helper" role on the support server.

To apply for a staff position, you can use the form that is provided when applications are open. We'll notify you when they become open. As of now, the applications are currently closed.

Applications Closed