How do I get a list of Commands?
You can get a list of Nate Bot commands by running n!help and it will display all the command categories like this:
These arguments are used when you are running certain commands:
  • <> means this is required
  • [] means this is optional
Now that's all the available categories, you may want to get all the commands of a particular category. It is more organized and easier to find each command.
Just run n!help <cat> <name>and Nate Bot will return all the commands for that category!
Finally, if you really want to get specific command help. You can run n!help cmd <cmd name> to get information about a command. Here is what it looks like:
To breakdown what each line is all about:
  • Usage means how to use the command (Contains the arguments).
  • The Category is where the command is from.
  • Cooldown (In seconds) is defined as the remaining time to wait before you can run the command again.
  • Enabled? means if the command is enabled for public use.
  • Aliases mean a shortcut (another name) to use the command.
  • Staff Only? means only Nate Bot Staff Members and Developers can use the command.
  • Vote Locked? means you need to vote the bot on our page before using the command and will last for 24 hours.
  • Permissions Needed shows the required permissions for the Command. By default, Send Messages and Embed Links.
Don't include the arguments: <> [] when running commands
Last modified 5mo ago
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