How do I get a list of Commands?

You can get a list of Nate Bot commands by running n!help and it will display all the command categories like this:

These arguments are used when you are running certain commands:

  • <> means this is required

  • [] means this is optional

  • {} means this is based on usage

Now thats all the available categories, you may want to get all the commands of a particular category. It is more organised and easier to find each command.

Just run n!help <category> and Nate Bot will return all the commands for that category!

Finally, if you really want to get specific command help. You can run n!help <command> to get information about a command. Here is what it looks like:

To breakdown what each line is all about:

  • Usage means how to use the command (Contains the arguments)

  • Example shows how to use the command properly

  • The Category is where the command is from

  • Cooldown (In seconds) is defined as the remaining time to wait before you can run the command again

  • Aliases mean a shortcut (another name) to use the command

  • Staff Only? means only Nate Bot Staff Members and Developers can use the command

  • Guild Only? Should the command only be for the Server. Then for example n!serverinfo is guild only as it will display data for that server when its run in the server. Otherwise, if it is specified as "Any", it is classified as global

  • Permissions Needed shows the required permissions for the Command. By default, Send Messages and Embed Links.

Don't include the arguments; <> [] {} when running commands