How do I invite Nate Bot?

You can simply invite Nate Bot to your server by clicking the "Invite Nate Bot" link. You will have a choice of choosing between three invites.

  • No Permissions - Invite Nate Bot with No permissions. (Very ideal for new users)

  • Standard Permissions - Invite Nate Bot with Standard Permissions and no Server Related Permissions. (This will give a role)

  • Full Permissions - Invite Nate Bot will all the permissions (Excluding danger permissions like Administrator, Mention Everyone etc.)

We recommend you invite the Standard Permissions Version of the bot for the best experience. If you plan on using Nate Bot for moderation, logging or customisation, invite the Full Permissions version.

But are you new to Nate Bot? Try the No Permissions version first and see how it functions.

If you are ever unsure about what Permissions are what. Join our Discord Server and our Staff will help you out!