How do I invite Nate Bot?
There are many ways to invite Nate Bot but the most secure way of inviting the bot to your server is by using the short link: This link is found either by visiting the official website, bot list pages or by running Nate Bot commands.
Step 2: Make sure you're logged into the Browser Version of Discord, or you can use the built-in invite dialog on the Discord Client. That way you can select a server to invite Nate Bot to your server...
Step 3: Select the desired permissions that you want Nate Bot granted to. We will never ask for Administrator and/or Mention Everyone permissions. Then click Authorize. You might need to complete a captcha before its in your server.
Step 4: Done! Nate Bot is now in your server...
If you're having problems with inviting Nate Bot, you can read the Invite Troubleshooting Guide
Do not fall for fake Nate Bot Invite Links. These invites may contain permissions (Administrator, Mention Everyone etc.) that can affect your server. We will never ask for those permissions during invitation.
Always use the short invite link as that is the official Nate Bot Invite and choose the permissions that is best for your server.
If you are ever unsure about what Permissions are what. Join our Discord Server and our Staff will help you out!
Last modified 5mo ago
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