How do I report Issues?

To report bugs/issues that are present either on any command, bot related, website, api etc. in Nate Bot. You must either do the following:

Reporting Issues on our Hangout Server

You can use our #bug-reporting channel to report any issues such as bugs, typos, Nate Bot Down etc. in this channel. When you do so, you must use the following format:

  • Bug Name

  • Category (Bot, Website, API, Support etc.)

  • Whats the Issue?

  • Screenshots/Video Evidence

If you are reproducing the Issue by screen recording or Screenshots. Please upload them to either YouTube (For videos) and/or Imgur or Discord (For Screenshots) and send them either in #bug-reporting or to any developer's DM. Do not reproduce the issue intentionally to get advantages. Especially when you tell users to do this bug to get advantages. This will result in punishments!

Reporting Issues outside of the Hangout Server

If you are not in the Hangout Server, you can report the issue using the format above to any of our Developers or the Owner in the Discord DMs or you can send us an email with the above format to