How do I report issues?

Found a bug? You can use our #bugs channel on our Discord Server to report any issues you may have come across. To keep track of the bugs. Please try to use this format:

  • Bug:

  • Source: (Bot, Website, API, Support etc.)

  • Evidence:

  • What is the issue?:

Alternatively if you like, you can report the bug using the NTM Development Issues Repository and select the relevant type of report.

Please make sure that the bug is not reported before. You can check if the bug is already reported or not by scrolling through the channel for past bugs.

If you are posting bugs for formatting/typo, we are less likely going to fix it straight away as it is considered a visual error and doesn't affect using Nate Bot.

If you have found a serious bug and wish not to discuss it in the Support Server. You can message NTM Nathan#0001 on Discord or email with the format above.

When you are going to provide the bug evidence. Please upload the videos to YouTube or screenshots to Imgur or Discord.