Nate Bot Rules

We take your safety and privacy very seriously when you use Nate Bot and its services. We however have rules which are in place of Nate Bot. You must follow these rules always!

It is very important that when you use Nate Bot, that you follow these rules. These rules are in place for you to follow. No one is immune to such rules listed here (If they are close friend, Staff etc.) Everyone must follow them.

General Nate Bot Usage Rules

Use Nate Bot in a very fair and respectful way, so do not:

1. Command Spam (Except Game Commands) and Macros are not allowed. 2. Sharing and using Nate Bot exploits to gain any form of advantage will get you permanent banned. 3. Using the bot under the age of 13 is against the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. 4. Evidence of using Money Storage accounts/farming accounts (alts) are not allowed. 5. No usage of inappropriate names/descriptions/backgrounds on your Profile/Level Card 6. No Mass/Spam mentioning Nate Bot (We can see who's mentioned Nate Bot) 7. No Boosting - Such as giving rep to yourself (with alts) and/or spamming to level up 8. No offensive usage of Nate Bot, that is racism, homophobia or advertising 9. Nate Bot Stats are not to be used in scams or invite servers. 10. Illegal Selling of any kind on the bot is not allowed!

Reporting Users who Break Rules

When reporting users regarding Nate Bot, you must provide the following information:

Discord Username with Tag: User ID:

Screenshot/Video Evidence: Whats the problem:

You must then send this report in this format to or the Owner/Developers via Discord DMs.

Most of the Game Commands such as Pokemon, Quiz, Hangman etc. are not part of command spamming as this involves a series of messages being sent. However, spamming commands and commands with cool-downs active is not allowed will get you banned.

The Nate Bot Team reserves the right to ban those for any reasons that is not listed here. All bans are come with Evidence and this is staff information that is only viewable by the Nate Bot Developer Team and Hangout Server Staff.

For more information regarding Bans, please see this guide.