Statistics Explained

We feature 2 main variants of Statistics, Economy Stats are for Games and Economy (Money) and the Love Stats are part of our Roleplay system. These are designed custom to make the most of using Nate Bot. That is every time you win a Nate Bot Game, get loved by someone, these are added to stats and are a way to display and show how awesome you are!

To access your stats, you can run: n!stats <user id> n!lovestats <user id> n!purchases <user id> n!achievements <user id> and other minor stat commands such as Balance, Rep Count etc.

But how are stats exactly tracked?

Again, stats are tracked if you win a Nate Bot Game, receive an Achievement based on the amount of stats, get loved by someone etc. This is what Economy and Game Stats look like: (accessible by running n!stats)

On the Economy Stats field:

  • You gain a Level every time you reach 680XP each level (Note the cooldowns for XP)

  • Your Balance refers to the Nate Bot Currency, used to purchase Store Cosmetics or Gamble it.

  • Rep refers to the reputation, you earn these when people run the command and mention you. You get a rep point!

  • Messages Sent mean the amount of messages you sent globally, that is any message sent in any server is counted. (Messages Sent is cached every hour)

  • Crates and Vanity Tokens will be used in a future feature. They are currently disabled.

On the Game Stats field:

  • Stats such as Quiz (Questions Answered), Pokemons Guessed, Fishes Caught, and the rest are earned by 1 point if you win.

  • Cookie Clicker stats are tracked when a user clicks the cookie reaction. These are not shown visually in real time properly but are added to the database in real time.

You can boost your stats by buying power-ups to double your points! Leaderboards are also viewable by running n!leaderboard

This is what Love Stats look like: (accessible by running n!lovestats <user id>)

On the Core Stats field:

  • Hugged, Kissed and Poked "x" times are only obtained if someone does hug, kiss and poke you etc. You don't earn these if you do "hug, kiss" them.

  • Hugged, Kissed by "x" shows the last person who just hugged you.

On the Other Stats field:

  • The Married and Divorced shows how many times you were Married and Divorced. This only counts to the user who has run those commands.

  • Married to "x" shows who you are currently married to

  • Rated, Shipped, Flowers and Cookies Received are similar to the core stats, instead, for example, Cookies Received shows who you recently given a cookie to, and the recent ship name.