Why was I Banned?

A ban stops you using Nate Bot on Discord for some period of time, sometimes even permanently. Bans are used to deal with users who are affecting the experience of using Nate Bot.

Some reasons to being banned can be:

  • Being a Self Bot

  • Command Spamming and/or using Macros

  • Using and/or Sharing Command Exploits

  • Mass/Spam Mentioning Nate Bot

  • Boosting for Coins and Rep Points

  • Illegal Usage of the Bot such as Selling, Mass Advertising

  • Using inappropriate (NSFW) Content on Profiles/Levels Etc.

When you were banned, you will be sent the ban message by Nate Bot via private DM. This will outline the reason why you were banned along with the Date of the Ban ending. This ban message will also show when you attempt to run any of the Nate Bot commands.

All bans are backed up by evidence, often in message link and/or video format. If you feel a ban was a misunderstanding, then please appeal via our Nate Bot Contact Form or appeal by messaging one of these people below regarding the ban: - NTM Nathan #0001 (Owner of Nate Bot) - RyansHDs #4461 (Staff Manager) - Panda Dev #3934 (Bot Developer)

Please do remember that our staff members are always doing the best in their job. They are doing this to help make Nate Bot a better bot. So please do not abuse, accuse or be rude to staff when they make punishments (valid or false). We will do our best to deal with these issues but these kinds of behaviours are not accepted. However, demanding for an unban and/or treating staff with disrespect may result in the punishment's length being increased. So please be sure to be patient, respectful and follow the rules and appeal methods.