Information regarding Giveaways hosted on Nate Bot Support.

Nate Bot Giveaways are a very fun of way of winning stuff! Basically what you will need to do is when a giveaway is active. The GiveawayBot will send an embed which has a reaction. Click that 🎉 reaction to enter yourself in a Nate Bot Giveaway. Depending on the end times. If you get pinged in the #giveaway channel. It means you've won a giveaway (if you entered). To claim your prize, You will need to message myself only, not the other developers. The Developers or NateBot Staff don't have the prizes supplied or permissions without the Owner's explicit approval to start a giveaway and give prizes to users. You will have at least a week after the Giveaway end embed message was sent to message NTM Nathan to claim your prize. If you don't, a prize will be re-rolled to someone else. Note that all giveaways are not rigged at all, if the GiveawayBot picks users. That choice is final and they're the winners. The Giveaway system is all followed under Discord ToS and Community Guidelines. Feel free to invite those to this server if you want them to win something in a giveaway! By using this invite: