Support Server Rules

Nate Bot Support Server rules. Follow them at all times!

1. Don't spam. Avoid excessive Messages, Images, Formatting, emojis, commands and mentions 2. No Excessive Explicit Language of any kind, that is Swearing and Cursing. (You're allowed swear, don't swear too much) 3. Use an appropriate avatar and Status Message. 4. Keep the chat on topic. Use the correct Channels! 5. No self promotion and advertising (on the server, statuses). Exceptions are you can advertise your YouTube Channel/Mixer/Twitch Accs every 3 Days 6. Do not Harass, Bully or use any form of Racism, sexism, talking religion or otherwise offensive content. Zero Tolerance Rule 7. Follow Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, You need to be at least 13 years old to use Discord. 8. No arguments or starting flame with Staff, If a staff member has abused power, report to myself. 9. No NSFW content outside of NSFW Channels. 10. No Depression Topics or Venting style chats, take those to DMs. Not here! 11. No Mass DMing people to join servers/add bots. 12. No complaining of pings, suppress the pings instead! 13. Don't ask/beg for any Source Code or join the Nate Bot Team 14. No Trolling, examples are telling users to leave for NateBot Money, giving them misleading information etc.

If you are looking for the Nate Bot Specifc Rules, they are located here

Please note the following:

  • The support server is not for Coding Help. This is for Nate Bot or NTM Nathan's projects related only!

  • Don't send the Owner, any Nate Bot Team developer or NateBot Staff any server invites by DM, except for a important reason

  • The Staff have the right to ban/kick those for any reason not listed here!

  • You'll need to follow Discord Terms and Service and the Community Guidelines and must be at least 13 to use Discord.