Discord and Server Created Stickers
Nate Bot supports the ability to look-up stickers that are created on the server, or are a Discord sticker.

Sticker Info

To get information about a sticker, just run the n!stickerinfo command which will give you two options...
  • server - Use this to get information about a created sticker on the server. The name or ID is needed.
  • global - Use this to get information about a global sticker. The ID is required, and you can find all the IDs of a Discord Sticker (See Below)
When run successfully, it should return the information about the sticker. You can also see an actual preview of the sticker in the message!
Note: Due to Discord API limitations, bots are not able to send Discord Stickers.

Sticker Pack

Run the n!stickerpack command to get the available Discord Sticker Packs. Note that the names are case sensitive, make sure that the name is exactly as it shows.
When you specify a Sticker Pack, the names and IDs of a sticker will show in the embed which the ID of any sticker provided below can be used with looking up a Global Discord Sticker with the n!stickerinfo command.
Last modified 5mo ago
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