Ranks and Special Badges
This article will help with all the Nate Bot Ranks. These only relate to the bot and not on the support server and cannot be obtained through any method other than what is describe below... Any requests for custom ranks will be ignored.

Global Ranks

The Global Ranks indicate the position and power of a user and it can be found displayed on the profile or records command or on your online profile.
The rank everyone starts with, and will have for the lifetime unless many circumstances arise.
Someone who supports the work of Nate Bot by donating will be given this rank.
They can be a friend, YouTuber or a well known user, so they get this rank.
Those who've contributed (e.g. ex developer, bug reporter) get this rank.
Those who've translated bot responses will get this rank.
A certified staff member who has moderation powers to ban users from using Nate Bot.
Those who work for NTM Development will get this rank.
The owner of Nate Bot is Nate#1409, he only gets this rank.

Special Badges

Given to users who used Nate Bot from it's launch day
Given to users who have migrated their account to the new database system.


This is a special rank for Elena, former staff on Nate Bot and long time friend of the Owner.
This rank is given to nobie who is considered Nate Bot's best and favorite member.
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