Store Policy
The store items are subject to price change. All purchases are final and mainly irreversible and there are no refunds unless there is a serious problem with your purchase. These problems must be reported to our Support Server. Some items can give you the opportunity to sell if you are not happy with your purchase and will get back 50% of the money purchased on the item. The money used is not real money, this is using Nate Bot money. The Nate Bot Money is earned from playing Nate Bot games, retrieving rewards and other ways when using the bot. Never send or wire real money to anyone you don’t trust. We will never send any message asking for your payment details, personal information etc. Please report these fraudulent and phishing information to Discord Trust and Safety. Nate Bot Store is bound by our Privacy Policy, Terms & Service, Discord Community Guidelines, Discord Privacy Policy and our rules. If you break the rules and are banned as a result on Nate Bot and bought items from our store. You will not be refunded the money and/or have any statistics restored in any circumstance.
Bans are subject to the full discretion of the Nate Bot Staff and rules can be changed at any time. Although we do our best, there is no guarantee on being able to use Nate Bot, and if the bot is no longer operated the virtual items are forfeited.
Last modified 5mo ago
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