What data gets stored?
The data being stored on Nate Bot is varied. It can be any of the following:
  • Discord User Data such as IDs, Tags are stored to provide an easy to use Nate Bot experience.
  • Discord Server Data such as Various IDs, Server Name, Channels, Roles, Emojis, Server ID.
  • Economy and Games Data such as "x Hangman Wins", "Clan you're in", "Personal Best Time on Typeracer" etc.
  • Roleplay Data such as "x hugs", "x hugged by", "Married to" etc.
  • Custom Data such as Clans, Server Tags, Notes etc.
  • Moderation Data such as Custom Welcomer Settings, Auto Roles etc.
  • General Bot Data such as Bot Stats, Commands run etc.
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Last modified 5mo ago
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