Nate Bot Branding

This page will detail how you should be using the Nate Bot branding the correct and stress free way possible.

Nate Bot Logo

When using the Nate Bot Logo, Please DO NOT change, distort, recolour, modify and/or reconfigure the Nate Bot Logo.

This logo can be used on Patterned, Flat Coloured, Dark or almost light Backgrounds only.

Alternative Logos

You may only use these logos (Icons to be more specific) when the Nate Bot brand is clearly visible or has been well established elsewhere on the design, webpage or Discord. Otherwise, please use the Nate Bot Logo above.

With the Transparent Nate Bot Icons, these are to be used if the white background is not existent in the design or website. The Transparent Icons are Never to be used on white backgrounds, both light and dark variants. While the White Background Nate Bot Icon shown on the left. Should not be used anywhere as this incorporates the white background in a square form.

Nate Bot Colours

Please Note: The Nate Bot Logo is 100% Copyright of FaySilverwood as it was created by her specifically for Nate Bot. This icon has been modified with the "Nate Bot" Text with the addition of borders and on special events, Christmas Hat and Orange Colour Tint etc. under the strict permission of FaySilverwood. The Icon isn't allowed to break the Branding Rules listed above.