Thanks for Adding Nate Bot!

You're about to start a great Journey with Nate Bot!

Dear Server Owner,

We would like to take the time to thank you for adding Nate Bot to your Discord Server. You are about to start a great Journey with using our Bot! Our Bot is full of Fun Games, Customizable Profiles, Moderation Commands, Leaderboards, Music and much more! To get started with Nate Bot, you have already invited it and thats great! To get the best experience with Nate Bot, please make sure that Nate Bot has Administrator Permissions under its special Nate Bot role. This is to ensure that all Nate Bot commands are in working order! It should be like this:

The prefix the bot uses is n! - Prefix is also Changeable. You can get the list of commands via the help command by typing n!help or clicking here for the Commands Page. Be sure that you must follow all of the Nate Bot rules listed here and if you were banned for breaking the rules. You must follow this guide on how to appeal your punishment.

Among the usage of the bot, should you ever need help with the Bot, report bugs or want to join the Support Discord server, feel free to join the server by Clicking Here ​( if the link is not working)

We hope you enjoy using our Bot! Thank you for adding it to your server. -The Nate Bot Team