NTM Development provides an API for Nate Bot with some of the data.

Our API comes with absolutely no warranties or guarantees. We reserve the right, at any point for any reason to change, take down or restrict access to any and all functionality.

The documentation can be viewed here. It is provided with the OpenAPI 3.0.0 Format.

Automated strict rate limiting is applied to all requests, 60 Requests per minute. If you go over the limit, you can find the reset time in the Retry-After header. To avoid being rate limited, consider implementing server side caching with an NPM module such as node-cache or Redis to cache the requests.

Although we do store user data such as user IDs, we do not store User Avatars or Discriminators due to privacy reasons. If you wish to have your data deleted, please see this article.

Our normal bot rules apply to our API. Please do not use the API in an inappropriate way such as targeting users with unwanted DMs, Stress Testing, DDoSing the API Service.