Dashboard Guide

To access the Nate Bot Dashboard, click the login button in the website. Click the button to authenticate with Discord.

Once you Authorize, you are then taken to the Dashboard Homepage.

Dashboard Homepage

Right on the dashboard you can see that there is a Whats New section, thats where all the Nate Bot news and updates will show (Directly from our Blog) and you don’t need to leave the Dashboard at all as its updated in real time…

On your right are three cards which represent the following:

  • User Summary — Where all your Nate Bot Statistics and Discord Information is shown (Nitro Subscription information is only available on the Dashboard).

  • Quick Links — To get around the Dashboard, this may be a use to you.

  • Bot Statistics— Find all bot statistics and see how the bot is performing! A button will take you to a separate page where you can see graphs and a table with even more statistics!

Your Profile

This is your profile. Here you have four cards divided as sections which display various information.

Information — Where your Nate Bot Information is found, such as the badges you own, power ups you purchased, your global rank etc. When hovering over a Badge/Power Up. It will show a tooltip which shows the name of the said item.

Statistics — These are your Nate Bot Stats and Discord Information. They are Brief Statistics, like you’ve seen on the Dashboard Homepage except with additional statistics. If you like to see all your statistics, you can view them on your Public Profile.

Your Profile Card — This is an actual preview of the profile card you know and love. Every time you refresh the page, the card will update. There is additional buttons which can let you edit your profile, shop for new cosmetics or view your public profile.

Quick Actions

The Quick Actions Card where you can simply give a rep point or some money to a user ID, or if you added a friend with n!friend you can send it directly to them!

When you initiate any of these actions, Nate Bot will send a message to your DM and the DM that you sent either a Rep Point or Money.

Editing your Profile

This can never go any more difficult, but you can now edit your Profile directly on the Dashboard. While we will still keep the original commands for editing your profile. They are no longer associated with the Economy Store, however you still need to pay a fee for these changes.

Again, your Profile Card will show on the right and is updated every time you submit changes or reload the page.

Economy Store

While all store items are carried over from the previous store, it is now an easier experience. They are organised much better. On the left side, you have a side bar which shows the categories, on some pages there will be tabs to toggle between sections (in the screenshot above, it is badge slot numbers).

When you click on a “Buy” button, a modal (confirm box) will show asking if you would like to purchase (or sell) the item. Once you click the button, the page will refresh and the purchase item will process!

Image for post

Your Wallet and Vault Balance also shows on the left too!


The server selector shows all the servers you are granted to manage (assuming you have a role with the Permission: Manage Server). Hovering over a server will reveal the name, very useful if the icons appear greyed out.

When you select a server, it will redirect to the manage page where you can edit your server’s settings. Here there is a variety of sections that have purposes…Manage your Server here!

  • Bot Configuration — The main bot configuration which can let you change the prefix and the Bot Nickname for the server.

In the future we will support Languages and Timezones (Which will change the Formatted Timestamps on certain commands)

  • Welcomer — Toggle the Welcomer and select a channel with the dropdown. With customisation made more easier, you can use the colour picker to select a colour for each Property (Even though it can be RGB, HSL etc. it will always convert to Hex), or set a custom welcomer message. When you submit changes, you can see an updated version of the welcomer by clicking on the “Preview Welcome” button.

  • Moderation — This is to configure most moderation commands, in a neater and simpler, way!

On the right in the Manage Server Page is a sidebar that can navigate you through sub server manage pages.

  • Server Analytics

Where all the server statistics are located, complete with Graphs and complex server information! You can toggle the drop-downs (seen on the bottom right) to view roles, channels and emojis!Server Analytics

  • Member List

See a list of members in the server. There are four columns which have the Display Name, User Tag, Join Date and the Roles. It even shows the current user status (the circle).

If you have a large member list, you can search for members using the search box above. Please note that it is case sensitive!

  • Manage Giveaways

Here, you can manage active giveaways. Simply click on the edit button to edit any changes to the giveaway. You can also see a table with past giveaways!

  • Music Controller

You can control an active music session right on the dashboard! Here, you have your song information on the right. Several buttons that can let you pause, resume, fast forward etc. and so much more!