How do I view Statistics/Leaderboards Online?

Starting with the Next Generation update, users now have the ability to view their statistics online and view Online Leaderboards. This can be done in a few ways but this article will make sure that you are able to view statistics and/or leaderboards online!

Viewing User Statistics Online

Originally, users had to use the Discord Client with Nate Bot to view their stats (with n!stats, n!lovestats etc.). Now, you are able to view your Statistics online! But how?

Visit the Nate Bot Statistics portal, you will be greeted with this page:

Isn't this pretty?

The Nate Bot Statistics portal is a special page where users can view everything Nate Bot Statistics. From here, you have the options to search a user, or to see the leaderboards. Also you can see the current bot statistics, the quick links, staff team and the current monthly game active for this month!

To search for a user, click on the Search a User button. From here, you will be able to search for a user by a Username! This didn't seem possible at first but we are very fortunate to have this!

Simply, type in your Discord Username or Tag (For accurate results) to search a user. Based on your input it will look for the closest matches, so pick the user that you are looking for.

Clicking on a user will go to their Global profile. It will display all the statistics that was earned over the lifetime of using Nate Bot. This is split into three categories which the dropdown can be changed to view other statistics!

Look at this pretty Statistics Page! Now as you can view the statistics on the dropdowns, it is highly customisable through the use of the Economy Store commands (n!backgrounds, n!setinfo etc.)

Each time you use those commands, it will not only update on your Profile. But on the website too, even the navigation at the top changes colour depending on the colour strip chosen for your profile.

Some Statistics that aren't on the main bot commands are not present and can be on the website. For example, Recently by was an existing statistics that was on the Love Statistics command. Now its on the website so keep that in mind, it even looks pretty!

Please note: The username, avatar, tag etc. is not stored. We only store the user IDs which let us fetch the data, therefore saving heaps of resources!

Other than that, thats pretty much the easy way of getting a user's stats online. You can view a user's statistics by clicking the View Stats online link in the embed, or by clicking on their username in the leaderboards.

To actually get a specific user's statistics, you will need to Copy the ID of a user, and paste it in the url:

Viewing Leaderboards Online

Please note: Caching exists for Resource reasons so the statistics may look different to the actual bot from the website.