The Vault
The vault can be purchased from the Nate Bot Economy Store for $80,000 and you can deposit and withdraw any of your wallet funds for safe keeping.
This also means that Robbing users is now a thing as of the Next Generation Update. Your Wallet balance is now vulnerable to other users. You better make sure you save up for a Vault and store necessary amounts of money there to prevent being robbed by users.
The amount they rob is random between ($0-500) and they can only rob by mentioning a user. The chance of being robbed is composed of the following outcomes:
  • You successfully rob the user and get an amount between $0-500 from the user. That amount is subtracted from the victim.
  • You successfully evade but steal nothing
  • You were caught, and have the amount you attempted to rob subtracted from your wallet.
Warning: If you are caught intentionally and repeatedly targeting users via robbing. It will result in a Ban!

How do I prevent myself being robbed?

To prevent yourself being robbed, you will need to buy a vault. After purchasing, you have the options to deposit or withdraw. The amounts you can store is unlimited.
You can either specify an amount to deposit/withdraw or provide "all" to deposit/withdraw all of your money.
If any of the sub commands are executed, you will be notified in the above screenshot. You can check your balance to see your updated balance!
Last modified 5mo ago