Nate Bot API

The Nate Bot API provides some economy, games, roleplay and clans data at api.natebot.xyzopen in new window.

Automatic Rate-Limit is applied and you may only make 50 requests per minute. You can check the current rate-limit by viewing the rate-limiting headers. If you are over the limit, you can find the reset time in the headers.

This API comes with no warranties or guarantees. It is provided as-is and we reserve the right to change it at any time, or take it down.

Any community creation that was developed using the API is not considered official by NTM Development, the same goes for Weeby APIopen in new window.

The endpoint returned 403 Forbidden.

This means that the user has hidden their statistics from being shown in the API, or the clan has hidden their information in the API. You will need to handle this if this happens.