Roleplay System Guide
The Nate Bot roleplay system features a unique system not implemented by other bots before. It has a statistics system and the ability to simulate giving a lovely something (hug for example) back, or rejecting it with the use of buttons. This is a huge step up to the previous system where you had to keep running commands over and over again.
To start off, you just need to run your desired roleplay command, in this case we are using the Hug command and by running it, we need to mention a user.
Once you do so, it will return an embed with two buttons which the other user can click to decide what they want to do...
The two options, and must be clicked within 15 seconds:
  • Give a "X" Back! - Clicking this will give the other use a "X" back and they will earn statistics as well.
  • Decline Offer - This will reject the "X" offer and edit the embed.
Also, trying to click the buttons yourself from the command you run will send a dismissible message letting you know that the other user can click the buttons. This varies through other commands where only you can click the buttons on the command you run, etcetera.
If you attempt to give a "X" to a bot or yourself, there are various outcomes... You should check yourself!


To view your roleplay statistics, you can run n!records and toggle between different stat categories. In this instance, we would like to select the Roleplay option.
It will return something like this:
  • Hugs, Kisses and Pokes are only obtained if someone gives you a hug, kiss and poke you etc. On the other hand, The "Given" represents the number of times you have given hugs, kisses and pokes to another user.
  • The "Waifu" is who you are married to, along with the date of the marriage. (It's a shortened version so you can view the full date with n!relationship)
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