Marrying a User

You will need to make sure they are in the same server as you. To marry a user, you will need to run n!marry <user>. Once you do so, a dialog will be sent for the other user to confirm by clicking the interactive buttons.
If they say Yes, I do! Then you are now a couple, congratulations!
Now, you can check the marriage status with n!relationship <user> The embed will display information such as who you are married to and the date you got married.
  • If you are married already, you cannot marry another user. You must divorce the existing user before you marry someone else.
  • If the user is already married to another user. Wait until they divorce.
  • You cannot marry yourself or bots. (Stupid right?)

Divorcing a User

To divorce a user, run n!divorce <user>. The following dialog will be sent to confirm this with two buttons.
You will have two choices to make, click the button to confirm if you want to divorce. If you click Confirm, all you and the waifu's marriage data will be wiped and make you both single again.

What if I can't Marry or Divorce a user?

When you try to divorce and Nate Bot cannot find the user, it will send a message letting you know that the marriage data was reset. However, if you are experiencing more issues please reach out to our Support Server.
Last modified 5mo ago