With the Nate Bot friends system, you can add and remove friends easily and show how of a nice friend you are. It's a quite simple and nifty system that comes with a few commands to do so.
Just run n!friend and you will get this embed on return...

Adding a user as a friend

Making new (and old) friends can get simpler, all you need to do is make sure they are in the same server as you. When that is all sorted, just run n!friend add <user> and then this embed will send with two buttons for the other user to click.
  • Become Friends! - Should you want to become friends with that user, then yes click this!
  • No Thanks - Well maybe next time, or think about it. This will reject the friend request.
By accepting the friend request, the embed will edit and you can view your newly added friend by running n!friend list

Viewing your list of friends

Now that you added a friend, or removed a friend... maybe set a best friend. Then you can view all your friends by running n!friend list
Due to privacy reasons, only you can see who you are friends with.
Unfortunately, Nate doesn't have friends!

Removing a friend

Did something happen? or they are just inactive. No worries! All you need to do to remove a friend is run n!friend remove <user> and you are then greeted with this message (in yellow).
You will need to confirm if you want to remove this user as a friend.
After you click Breakup Friendship, the embed will edit and return the following result.
When you try to remove a user and Nate Bot cannot find the user, it will send a message letting you know that the friends data was reset. However, if you are experiencing more issues please reach out to our Support Server. This will be the same case for the divorcecommand

Setting a best friend

The friends system is not complete without a best friend. Simply run n!friend setbf <user> and then that user will become your best friend! This will show on your profile as well...
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