Bugs and Feedback

To report bugs or suggest new features, you will need to join our support serveropen in new window and send the formatted message in the correct channel.

Please make sure that the bug or feature is not a duplicate. You can check if someone has reported or suggested already by scrolling through the channel.

Bug Reporting Send the bug report in our #bugs channel using this format:

Product: Nate Bot
Describe the bug: 
Expected Behaviour: 
How to reproduce it: 
Your User ID: 
Server ID (if Applicable):

If you are posting bugs for formatting/typo, we are less likely going to fix it straight away as it is considered a visual error and doesn't affect using Nate Bot.

If you have found a serious bug and wish not to discuss it in the Support, you can email us at [email protected] with the format above.


When providing evidence. Please upload the videos to YouTube (unlisted or private) or screenshots to Imgur or Discord.

Suggesting Features

We're completely open to new suggestions and feedback so send them in! Just to make sure we can understand it, use this format below and send it in the #suggestions channel.

Product: Nate Bot 
More details: